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Aristotle Goes Responsive Aug. 09, 2013

Aristotle Announces Major Website Enhancement with Responsive Web Design Launch

Aristotle Responsive Web Design Launch

August 8, 2013 — Little Rock, AR — Aristotle is excited to announce a major enhancement to the company’s websites. Now available in Responsive Web Design, all of the Aristotle website properties can be easily accessed on desktop computers as well as on tablets and smartphones. Aristotle division sites now available as part of the Responsive Web Design launch include:,, and

Hailed as “the future of Web design” by tech news giants such as The Next Web and The Verge, Responsive Web Design is the answer to the mobile vs. desktop war. With Responsive Web Design, Aristotle customers can now get the same great features of the full site right on their smartphones or tablets.

What’s more, Responsive Web Design is platform agnostic, meaning our customers don’t need a specific smartphone to utilize Aristotle’s website content. No matter what changes may occur in the smartphone, tablet and desktop industry, all of our websites will be perfectly customized through Responsive Web Design.

Customized for the Mobile Consumer

Many critics of Responsive Web Design view the process as simply squishing a full website into a mobile format. Thus, these critics argue the user experience is poor. Of course, if one designs with such a limited frame of mind, the results will indeed be poor.

At Aristotle, we believe Responsive Web Design is all about customization and more importantly, optimization. Our goal is always to optimize the user experience for every device possible.

When we developed Aristotle’s Responsive Web Design, our developers and artists worked closely together to ensure that the same great content available on the full site was displayed perfectly on the mobile site. While the content, images and information remain the same, the user interface is adapted for the needs of the mobile consumer.

Multi-Site Navigation: Multiple Sites in a Responsive World

When we launched the redesign of Aristotle’s Web properties in 2012, we chose to house all four of our divisions in one gorgeous Web design. On the desktop, visitors can easily navigate between Our Company, Interactive Agency, Internet and Email Solutions and Aristotle Labs by selecting a link in the header of each website.

As we made the upgrade to Responsive Web Design, the multiple sites proved an exciting and welcomed challenge for our developers and artists. To make switching between Aristotle websites seamless on the mobile version, we moved the multi-site navigation into a right-hand slide-out window, which can be accessed by clicking the top-right icon — . Visitors can also find links to Aristotle’s social networks and Aristotle’s contact information, including our office address and phone number.

Responsive Site Navigation

Once visitors were in their chosen Aristotle site, our next challenge was to help them navigate to the content they wanted. Using our multi-site navigation as a style guide, we adapted each website’s navigation structure into a slide-out window as well.

To quickly access each site’s navigation on mobile devices, visitors click the top-left navigation icon — . Tapping this button reveals the current website’s navigation as it slides out from the left side of the mobile screen. From here, visitors can select a new page or search to find the content they want. Once a page is selected, visitors can then close the navigation and enjoy the content without the navigation cluttering valuable webpage real estate.

Tell Us What You Think

We care about your opinion. Do you have feedback on the website? Send us a message through our Contact form or Tweet us. We'd love to hear your thoughts on our Responsive Web Design launch.


Rhen Wilson

Digital Communications Director
Aristotle Inc.

rhenwilson [@]
1-800-995-2747 / 501.374.4638
401 W. Capitol Ste 700
Little Rock, AR 72201

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