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Aristotle's Glass for Greg Feb. 28, 2013

Aristotle Launches Glass for Greg Campaign to Win Google Glass

Glass for Greg

Late last week, Google announced a competition to give away early access to their highly talked about Google Glass, a product that is predicted to revolutionize the way we see the world (literally). As a tech company, Aristotle could not help but throw a hat into the ring.

Yesterday, February 27, 2013, we launched as our application into the competition. We created a fictional character “Greg” that has a serious problem: Greg’s a Helmet Cammer. In his world, Helmet Cammers are hated for their awkward appearances and clumsy contraptions. Greg just wants to fit in without giving up his high-tech personality. When his friends at Aristotle discover the Google Glass competition, Greg realizes there is a chance he might have his dreams come true.

Share the video and photos with your friends and let’s get Greg Google Glass!

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