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Song of Arkansas Launches Nov. 26, 2013

Arkansas Tourism’s "Song of Arkansas" Competition Seeks Original Songs about Arkansas

November 26, 2013 — LITTLE ROCK, AR — The Arkansas Department of Parks and Tourism today launches the “Song of Arkansas,” an online competition for musicians around the country to submit their original songs about the state of Arkansas. Submissions to the “Song of Arkansas” begin today, November 26, and last until January 24, 2014. When the submission window closes, a host of celebrity judges with Arkansas ties will decide the finalists, who will then be voted on by the public.

Working with the department staff, Aristotle developed the online platform for musicians to submit their songs using YouTube and Soundcloud. To spur the buzz and extend the competition’s reach, Aristotle’s video department created an online promotional video, seen below:

Celebrity Judges

To ensure the winner of the “Song of Arkansas” has truly written and performed the best original song, the Arkansas staff has gathered a panel of celebrity judges with connections to Arkansas to select the contest’s finalists. The official “Song of Arkansas” judges include:

  • Sonny Burgress, Musician
  • Jason Moore, Director
  • Bob Robbins, Radio Personality
  • Jennifer Trafford, Radio Personality
  • Mike Utley, Musician

A Campaign with a Great Beat

Aristotle is thrilled to work with the Arkansas Department of Parks and Tourism to bring the “Song of Arkansas” to life. This one-of-a-kind campaign for The Natural State provides new opportunities for Arkansas to position itself in the online world. The “Song of Arkansas” calls attention to talented musicians online, hoping for a chance to do something big with their talents. The campaign allows the tourism department a chance to make a difference using online tools and communication channels like no other medium can. Aristotle looks forward to continuing this tradition with the Arkansas Department of Parks and Tourism for many years to come. Visit the "Song of Arkansas" site now!

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