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Bowles Testifies Before FCC Aug. 21, 2013

President Elizabeth Bowles Testifies for Expanded Broadband to Public Schools

On August 19, 2013, Elizabeth Bowles, President and Chairwoman of Aristotle Inc., testified in a field hearing to discuss E-Rate, an FCC program that would help expand broadband Internet to public schools in Arkansas. Senator Mark Pryor, chairman of a Senate Commerce subcommittee on communications, technology and the Internet, conducted the hearing and invited FCC commissioner Jessica Rosenworcel from Washington to listen to several telecom firms.

Bowles attended the hearing and spoke on behalf of Aristotle, which provides wireless broadband Internet connectivity to many cities in the Central Arkansas region. The following is an excerpt of her testimony, reported by

Elizabeth Bowles, president of Little Rock-based Aristotle, touted her company’s ability to cheaply and quickly broaden and speed up Internet access through fixed wireless technology. Bowles said that fixed wireless, as opposed to wireline and fiber solutions, are capable of reliable service and high speeds and can be installed within a week to 30 days depending on proper licensing. She also said Aristotle only needs 40-120 customers to justify moving into an area.

“Fixed wireless can serve as the last-mile delivery mechanism while fiber is being trenched," Bowles testified. "And fixed wireless broadband can and should serve as a backup for wireline solutions to ensure that broadband connectivity is not lost."

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