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Big Results for Jun. 25, 2014

Interactive Content Marketing Campaign Delivers Big Results for

June 25, 2014 – LITTLE ROCK, AR –, the official tourism site for the state of Arkansas, consistently ranks in the Top 5 Most Visited State Tourism Website in natural search. For the last six months, the website has received even more engagement from their interactive content marketing initiative, The Song of Arkansas Competition.

The Inspiration

Arkansas is home to some of the country's most popular blues and fold music festivals and has produced some award-winning musicians including Johnny Cash, Glen Campbell, Al Green and Sonny Burgess. To capitalize on the synergy created by the popularity of both the state's music scene and its online channels, Aristotle helped client, the Arkansas Department of Parks and Tourism, conceive of and execute an interactive content marketing campaign designed to encourage participants to create, listen to, vote for and celebrate the unique Natural State experiences that can inspire the perfect "Song of Arkansas."

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Aristotle has been a proud partner of the Arkansas Department of Tourism since 1998.

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