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Elizabeth Bowles Meets with the FCC to Discuss Wireless Internet Dec. 09, 2014

Elizabeth Bowles Meets with Policy Leaders to Discuss Rule-Making Initiatives

Elizabeth Bowles, president & chairman of Aristotle, Inc., along with other members of the the Wireless Internet Service Providers Association (WISPA) met with Congressional and FCC leaders in Washington, D.C. December 1-4 to discuss regulations and initiatives including new net neutrality regulations that will have a big impact on the fixed wireless broadband industry and the millions of customers that use wireless internet services.

Elizabeth provided her insight to the FCC to help the members better understand the regulations and their impact on both consumers and the Internet providers industry.

“The fixed wireless broadband industry is composed of small businesses that provide Internet to un-served and underserved areas in the United States in addition to giving the consumers a local competitive option in more densely populated areas. Many current and proposed regulations, particularly if authorized by Title II of the Communications Act, will lead to uncertainty and increased costs for those residents and small businesses that are least able to afford it. The purpose of these meetings was to encourage policy makers to continue with the ‘light-touch’ regulation that has worked in the past and to ensure that any new regulations are tailored to protect these small businesses and their customers.”

As a Wireless Internet Service Provider (WISP), Aristotle brings high-speed Internet access into rural areas and small communities in Central Arkansas and beyond. Our wireless broadband service offers Internet users a cost-saving broadband option that features no data caps and no equipment fees.

Those interested in finding out more about Aristotle's high-speed connectivity options should visit or call Aristotle Customer Service at 501.374.iNET (4638).

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