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Aristotle Creates Beacon Magic for Boo at the Zoo Oct. 21, 2015

An Enchanted Forest… Powered by the Internet

The annual Boo at the Zoo features a haunted reptile house, fair food, and other spooky-fun activities. This year, Aristotle used the power of beacons to add more fun to the event. The Enchanted Forest features eight different colored trees, and a Bluetooth beacon directs visitors to a webpage with a keyboard graphic. When guests press a color-coded key on the keyboard, the corresponding colored tree lights up and plays a musical note. Check out the video below, which shows Aristotle’s Matt Shull playing the trees:

Don’t be Afraid of the Dark

The app also features an interactive map to guide the trick-or-treaters around the zoo. Instead of trying to navigate with a printed map in the dark, the smartphone map allows the vampires and princesses to easily find their way around all the zoo’s Halloween attractions.

So, what are beacons?

A part of the Internet of Things, a beacon is a small device that continually emits a specific webpage URL. When a phone is within range of a beacon, users who have downloaded the Beacon Sage app will see a notice on their smart phones that a beacon is near. When a user selects the beacon on the smart phones, a web page appears on the phone’s screen. After that, the possibilities are limitless.
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