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Aristotle Launches Three Sites in October Nov. 10, 2015

We Love It When a Plan Comes Together

The A Team--Aristotle's artists, developers, and producers--has been hard at work over the past several months developing top-of-the-line websites for Team San Jose in California, Visit Tri-Cities in Washington, and Little-Rock based Southwest Power Pool. We're so excited for our clients that these three sites are finally live, and we are very proud of the work our team's put into them.

The Heart of Silicon Valley: Team San Jose

Team San Jose's first responsive design website features enhanced elements and a new brand-driven design. For several years, San Jose had been branding itself as a convention destination with the goal of increasing the number of business travelers to the destination.

Aristotle began work with Team San Jose in 2014 to plan a redesign that focuses on a new goal of becoming an all-around tourism website that gives consideration to the leisure traveler and touts San Jose’s health focus, science and technology setting, art scene, and diverse nightlife. To meet this goal, Aristotle designed an intuitive, mobile friendly website that captures the essence of San Jose’s spirit and puts user experience first.

Power to the People: Southwest Power Pool provides 24/7 information to customers in other power pools, and SPP’s 600 employees are constantly coordinating to keep all our lights on. The new website had to help that coordination effort by providing easy access to current grid data, an enhanced meeting module, and a responsive design that helps employees be effective both on the road and in the office. The new website not only accomplishes those goals but also has incredible performance. With a page size of 1.5 megabytes and a load time of 2.6 seconds, the site is a case study in web design that combines great aesthetics and photos without sacrificing speed. As SPP prepares to celebrate its 75th anniversary, we’re proud to give them an online tool that helps them continue their success.

Online in Washington Wine Country: Visit Tri-Cities

Visit Tri-Cities is the tourism organization for four different cities in Washington’s wine country, which means that they have a lot of work to do -- and has to provide potential travelers with easy access to content on all the attractions and events the area has to offer. Aristotle designed a responsive site that restructured the navigation, prioritized great content right on the homepage, and created a member portal for businesses to update their listings and add events to the site’s database. Video content lets local share their favorite things about the Tri-Cities area, and the site’s design lets travelers plan their trip from their desktop, tablet, or mobile phone.
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