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Arkansas Tourism Launches Pet-Friendly Campaign Aug. 06, 2015

Hot Diggity Dog! Barkansas has Officially Launched, and We're as Excited as a Dog with Two Tails!

What is Barkansas?

The aptly named Barkansas is a brand new, statewide initiative to promote dog-friendly vacations in Arkansas. Developed in part by the Arkansas Department of Tourism and by yours truly, Aristotle, Barkansas’s main goal is to let the world know that Arkansas is THE American pet-friendly vacation destination! When we learned that Arkansas had over 800 pet-friendly attractions and had been named the most “dog-loving state” in the US (Arkansas has more dogs per capita than any other state), we knew Barkansas would be our next big campaign for the state!

Enter the Barkansas Photo Contest

Help us spread the word about Barkansas by telling your pals about the Photo Contest! Dog-lovers from all over have a chance to win prizes by uploading a picture of their four-legged friend taken anywhere in Arkansas. You can enter too at! Join the fun by sending in your puppy’s portrait and win big! Both a professional and amateur entry will be selected each week to win a $50 gas card as well as Barkansas-branded dog treats plus a chance to win a dog-friendly vacation in Hot Springs or Eureka Springs. (Big THANKS to Hot Springs and Eureka Springs for putting awesome packages together!)

Barkansas Aims to Save Lives

In addition to promoting dog-friendly vacations here in Arkansas, we want to help our furry friends find forever homes. That’s why we have included a Barkansas Shelter & Rescue listing page. Pass this page along to anyone you know who may be interested in finding a pet of their own. Let’s work together to do all that we can to help get these sweet animals adopted! If you know of a shelter or rescue that needs to be added to this list, please email Brittany Caldwell at

Meet Louie: Star of the Barkansas Promo Videos

Louie, an Arkansan, champion agility performer, Hurricane Katrina rescue dog, and now star of the Barkansas Promotional Videos, will be taking over the Arkansas Facebook page all month long! Make sure you “Like” Arkansas State Tourism’s Facebook page too.

Care and Share the Barkansas Buzz

Please, share our video about the contest on YouTube and our page at with everyone who likes to see fur baby photos, read doggie blogs and discover over 800 pet-friendly places in Arkansas.
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