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San Jose Launches Video Branding Campaign Jun. 17, 2015

When your city wins awesome awards—let’s say for being the happiest, healthiest and smartest city in America—you don’t keep it to yourself. You let people know!

San Jose, California won those very awards, and the city partnered with Aristotle to create a video campaign that shows people just why they need to experience award-winning San Jose for themselves.

To spread the word, Aristotle’s film crew documented the city’s culture. They interviewed locals and got an inside look at the city’s multitude of events and activities. The final videos communicate the fun and energetic atmosphere of San Jose.

Aristotle then designed a killer landing page to showcase the videos. Through YouTube pre-roll and Google Display, Aristotle is driving people to the landing page and branding San Jose. The campaign launched in late May and runs through August.

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