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Beautiful Site, Incredible Performance Jan. 27, 2016

The new website for nonprofit Arkansas Single Parent Scholarship Fund launches

When Aristotle’s developers and designers began work with the non-profit Arkansas Single Parent Scholarship Fund (ASPSF) to create a new website, the team tackled new branding, the site’s first responsive design, and coordinating with hundreds of local affiliates. During the discovery phase, as Aristotle was learning more about ASPSF’s target audience, we discovered information that necessitated a huge shift in the design approach.

Single Parent Mobile Users

ASPSF supports single parents in Arkansas with scholarships for school, paying bills and other unique challenges that only a single mom or dad faces. ASPSF’s applicants, Aristotle found, were mostly in rural areas, often with limited Internet access and a finite data plan. That meant that the new had to have incredible performance to avoid eating away at visitor’s data plans. To best serve single parents, Aristotle’s team took it upon themselves to build a website that was small in file size and unbelievably fast to download, without sacrificing content, functionality, or design. And that approach has paid off in a big way. The new launched this week as a beautiful, effective site — and the fastest site that Aristotle has ever built.
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