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Aristotle First U.S. Team to Win International Tech Award Jun. 24, 2016

Aristotle is the first U.S. company to win an award at the international Codegarden development conference held June 15-17, 2016, in Odense, Denmark. Aristotle received the “Best Technical Solution” accolade after competing against 88 international entries. Aristotle’s development team, Aristotle Labs, took home the award for the development of BeaconSage, an innovative management system for Bluetooth beacons.

“Arkansas has been on a technological ascendancy with initiatives such as leading the ‘learn to code’ movement, and the Aristotle team is proud that an Arkansas agency was the first in the United States to win a development award since the Umbraco Codegarden conference began in 2005,” said Matt Shull, Director of Aristotle Labs.

How Beacons Work

Beacons are small Bluetooth devices that can be placed on any surface indoors or out. Beacons work by sending a Bluetooth signal to mobile devices, so that customers nearby – or attendees at an event – can easily find the signal and pull up the web page associated with the beacon. Beacons allow people to engage with everything from in-store promotions and conference agendas to online contests or coupons directly from their phones without the need for printed materials.

“While familiar to the developer world, Bluetooth beacons are relatively new to the public,” Shull said. “In the past, you would have to use a QR code to get people to engage with online content like contests or coupons. But beacon technology makes on-site user engagement easier, and with BeaconSage, you don’t have to be a programmer to manage beacons and their content. Anyone in any business can easily manage them.”

Best Technical Solution

In announcing the winners of this year’s competition, Umbraco posted that BeaconSage won the Best Technical Solution Award because: “This solution is a beautiful example of making a complex process, the process of managing beacons, look very simple and allowing the beacon owner to manage their beacons from a single location.”

Aristotle has already utilized BeaconSage for managing huge conference schedules for clients such as the US Gymnastics Association. “Considering its field-tested success, it was natural to submit the technology to the awards at Codegarden,” Shull said. For those interested in learning more about BeaconSage and how to utilize beacons to create dynamic on-site engagement, visit

About the Umbraco Awards

Codegarden, held this June in Odense, Denmark, is an annual conference that brings together top international Umbraco developers. The Umbraco awards recognize excellence in the integration, creative and technical use of the Umbraco platform. A nationally recognized web performance expert, Aristotle Labs Director Matt Shull has spoken internationally at Umbraco events and was invited to speak to developers from around the world at Umbraco Codegarden 2016.

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