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Aristotle Launches Native American Microsite for Arkansas Tourism Jun. 08, 2016

To celebrate and promote greater awareness of Arkansas’s Native American history and heritage, the Arkansas Department of Parks and Tourism (ADPT) launched a Native American microsite featuring extensive information on Native American tribes in Arkansas and their history in the state. The site is an educational tool for Arkansas residents and encourages travel to the many heritage sites across the state.

In 2015, ADPT recognized an opportunity to leverage their national online platform to celebrate the state’s Native American heritage and to share the wealth of information about their cultural history. Working with many local historical entities and Native American tribes, the Department gathered historical data and resources.

Aristotle used the content gathered to create a website that features histories of each tribe in Arkansas, complex maps and information about heritage sites across the state, an interactive timeline and resources for further study.

The site was designed to be used as an informational and research tool for students of Arkansas history and travelers interested in seeing locations relevant to Native American history. Its intuitive interface celebrates the design of Native American artifacts, and its rich visual information is quick to download so that people can view the information no matter which device they use to access the internet.

“In our partnership with the Arkansas Department of Parks and Tourism and CJRW, we continue to create compelling content about the state used to reach, engage and convert new visitors to Arkansas. Many travelers and Arkansans care deeply about this aspect of our heritage and living culture. We are so happy that we can use our knowledge of web development and online marketing to bring this topic forward,” said Marla Johnson, Aristotle’s CEO.

The website launched on June 2, 2016. Go to to explore Arkansas’s rich Native American history.

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