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Bentonville Exhibition Combines Art and the Internet of Things Nov. 04, 2016

Aristotle's Mobile Interaction Enhances Work of Arkansas Artist Ken Hubbell

Viewers attending a special art exhibit will experience a new dimension of art—the integration of interactive digital technology and instantaneous creative collaboration. Artist Ken Hubbell created The Art of Change™, a collection of almost 20 art pieces that represent elements of the natural world as it undergoes change and transformation. In association with digital agency Aristotle, Hubbell is enhancing the experience of his artwork through interactive lighting and poetry, providing customized opportunities for viewers to “tune” the experience and collaborate in real-time creative writing.

“It’s more than a high-tech art exhibit,” said Marla Johnson, CEO of Aristotle, the agency creating the interactive features. “The technology enhances the art experience rather than distracting the viewer with a clever gizmo. We are helping people be present and truly experience what’s in front of them. Viewers will be able to interact with multiple pieces and will be able to add their own submissions to a collective poem that will be displayed and updated in real time.” Johnson said that viewers would also be able to learn more about each painting or pottery through the interactive technology that uses the Internet of Things and Bluetooth beacons to send information to viewers’ phones.

Hubbell earned his art degree from Syracuse University and worked in New York City as a practicing artist before establishing his home in Little Rock in 1977. The Art of Change™ exhibition features recent art inspired by small moments in nature, often abstract and captured on the artist’s iPhone before being expanded and explored in his studio. Since technology already forms a part of his process, he wanted it to enhance the art show as well.

The Art of Change™ will be shown to a group of art and tech enthusiasts at the home of Nathan Pendleton and Tucker Holmes in Bentonville on November 5 from 4:00 – 7:00 p.m. Selected pieces will be exhibited in March, 2017 at the Community Creative Center located in Walton Art Center’s Nadine Baum Studios. To watch a preview of the exhibit, click here.

About Ken Hubbell

Ken Hubbell is Founder and President of Ken Hubbell & Associates (, a social change and strategy consulting firm based in Little Rock, Arkansas. Ken incorporates colorful visuals as a central feature of his social change consulting. Ken earned a B.F.A in painting and sculpture from Syracuse University. He is inspired by paying attention to how we interact with an ever-changing natural environment continually being shaped by water, wind, earth, and fire.

About Aristotle

About Aristotle: Aristotle is a full-service digital agency and Google Premier Partner with 21 years of experience in digital content development, digital media and marketing. With offices in Little Rock and Bentonville, Arkansas, Aristotle partners with businesses in multiple verticals to achieve online success. Aristotle continually pursues innovative technologies via Aristotle Labs and online solutions that increase user engagement.

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