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Ray Auto Sales 2 Gets an Upgrade Sep. 15, 2016

At Ray’s Auto Sales, clients are top priority. A new communications system is helping them keep in touch.

Ray Auto Sales 2 in North Little Rock has been in business selling quality used cars for over seven years. Their selection is a full spectrum of all types of vehicles from high end to low. No matter what you are looking for, there’s a vehicle for just about anyone at Ray’s.

Ray Auto Sales 2 has a long history of helping people with vehicle ownership who otherwise might never have owned if not for Ray’s help. Their motto is, “Everybody Rides at Ray’s Where We Offer a Ray of Hope” and they back it up with guaranteed financing. Transportation is a necessity for people to get to work and have access to services needed to survive. Ray Auto has been helping the people of North Little Rock become mobile for years improving their quality of life in the community.

Understandably, a dealership which guarantees anyone who can afford a payment can buy a car becomes rather popular. A simple telephone line can be overwhelmed by all the call traffic. A business with this kind of productivity needs an enterprise communication solution which is both efficient and capable.

Ray, the owner, needed a communication system upgrade with threefold criteria. It needed to be efficient, capable and affordable.

The main reason for the upgrade was to improve service quality. The system had to be capable of handling the call volume efficiently so no client need ever experience a dropped or failed call. Ray needed a system which ensured his clients could always reach him.

Affordability was another must have for Ray. There are many VoIP providers out there with similar services but they can tend to be a bit pricey. Ray could have chosen any communication company. It’s not that he couldn’t afford any of them; it comes down to a simple concept. Higher business overhead translates to higher prices to consumers. Ray couldn’t allow that. Ray didn’t want to raise his prices. Ray’s business operates on the premise of helping people purchase vehicles at affordable prices.

So, how did Ray upgrade his system while keeping his prices low? Ray called Aristotle.

From left to right: Owner Ray Thomas, Sales/Finance Manager Trent Harmon and Aristotle Sales Rep Luis Campos

True to his nature, Ray kept it local and called the experts at Aristotle in Little Rock. Luis, a premier sale representative from Aristotle, was able to provide a communications solution for Ray Auto Sales 2 which gave the company a state of the art system at a fraction of the price of most other VoIP service providers.

With Aristotle’s Digital Voice System, Ray Auto was able to meet their communication goals. Clients now experience crystal clear call quality and Ray doesn’t have to worry about missing a call. Ray Auto Sales 2 improved their customer service and they didn’t have to raise prices. Mission accomplished!

At Aristotle, we are happy to be partnered with a company like Ray Auto Sales 2 which really stands out in our local community. We wish you the best in your business for years to come!

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