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Google Shortlists Aristotle for Premier Partner Award in Display Innovation Jul. 20, 2017

Premier Partner Awards

Aristotle Inc. was selected as one of 5 finalists for the North American Display Innovation award in the first ever Google Partners’ global awards program — the Premier Partner Awards.
The Google Display Network (GDN) allows companies to connect with customers through a variety of digital ad formats across over two million websites. Premier Partners on the awards shortlist have demonstrated their ability to leverage advertising on the Display Network to help clients grow and thrive.

To see the campaign that put Aristotle in the running, click the "Barkansas Case Study" button below.
Google announced the 2017 Premier Partners Awards shortlist on July 10 for applicants who have demonstrated foresight, innovation and dedication to deliver consistently great digital marketing solutions. Aristotle’s entry for the award took a new approach to marketing Arkansas, the most dog-friendly state in the U.S.


Everyone loves dogs but sadly, the family pet is often left behind while the family goes on vacation. Arkansas is a great place for dogs, so we decided to build an integrated marketing campaign around the idea of a dog-friendly Arkansas vacation giveaway. We targeted a niche audience of pet lovers in and around Arkansas to help raise awareness. In doing so, we created a novel way to help Arkansas Tourism increase interest during a shoulder season and raise awareness that The Natural State is a great place to visit with your pets.

Final winners will be announced mid-August and September. We hope to see you all there at the Google Partner Summit on September 28 in New York. Good luck!
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