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Ice-storm Causes Power Outages & Service Interruptions

Overnight, sometime between 3 to 6 AM on Feb 24th, due to the ice storm many, many power outages started occurring across Arkansas -- especially in the counties we serve -- and as a result, Aristotle's internet service went offline in certain locations.

  • Entergy and the Electric Cooperatives of Arkansas reported over 20,000 Arkansans without power this morning across the state.
  • As soon as power is restored to our infrastructure, internet service will be restored as well, and service has already been restored in some areas. 
  • Although your home may have power, some points in our infrastructure that provide your signal may have no power at this time, which impacts our ability to reach your location.

Our hearts go out to those still impacted by the storm, and we hope your power and service are restored soon!

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