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Aristotle partners with unserved and underserved communities to deliver the advantages of Broadband connectivity to the community’s citizens, businesses, and civic services sectors.

Public Wi-Fi Zones

  • Design and deploy indoor or outdoor Wi-Fi Zones

  • Great for public parks, event centers, and public schools 

Internet for City Buildings

  • Great for VoIP, multi-user video conferencing, security cameras, large file tranfer

  • Custom speeds faster than 100 Mbps

  • Symmetrical upload and download speeds available

  • Advanced protection against viruses, malware, and threats

Redundant Internet

  • When traditional cable and fiber providers fail, Aristotle’s fixed wireless service can provide connectivity. 
  • Backup bandwidth for communities with critical infrastructure 
  • Great for 911 Dispatchers, Public Utilities, First Responders  

Point-to-Point Solutions

  • Provide internet for job sites and short-term projects
  • Connect remote areas where wired solutions are impractical or cost-prohibitive
  • Establish a stop-gap solution while waiting for traditional services to be activated
  • Customize an internet solution for a special, limited-time event

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