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Frequently Asked Questions

Aristotle Phone Service

Read through our list of Frequently Asked Questions to find out more about Aristotle Phone Service and how easy it is to install, manage and maintain.

Aristotle’s Voice-over-Internet-Protocol (VoIP) phone system operates on a hosted PBX platform, allowing homes and businesses to reduce costs while upgrading to today’s most advanced telephone system.

Hosted PBX (Private Branch Exchange) is a private telephone network that is hosted in another location. Like a hosted website, a hosted PBX is managed and monitored by the service provider. Using your Internet connection and cloud-based technology, a hosted PBX system connects your headquarters with all of your employees, including the remote office and traveling employees.

Aristotle Phone Service requires a high quality broadband connection delivered via fixed wireless, cable or DSL. (Satellite service is not recommended because of the delay in voice exchanges due to satellite’s relaying technology.)

Aristotle Phone calls require a baseline of 88 kbps in both the upload and download speeds. An efficient way to measure how much bandwidth a business user might need is to multiply 90 kbps times the maximum number of people at your office that will be using the phone system at any one time. A small business with 5 users (5 times 90 kbps) would need 450 kbps, or less than .5Mbps in both the upload and download directions. Normally users shouldn’t take up more than 50% of their bandwidth with Aristotle Phone calls.

Aristotle uses Quality of Service (QoS) technology to protect phone service data and ensure call quality. Call quality can suffer on VoIP systems if your broadband is disrupted by other applications using large amounts of data, including video streaming or transfer of large files.

To ensure crystal clear HD sound quality and to prevent dropped calls, Aristotle Phone Service ensures call traffic is highest priority on your broadband connection. Ample bandwidth is reserved for VoIP conversations to prevent other applications from interfering with the call signal.

This service is a necessity in a business environment.

The Aristotle technical staff will need to coordinate with your office manager, IT staff, or network consultant to make sure the technology is properly installed on your system. After installation, no IT professional is needed to manage your Aristotle Phone System.

Yes, you can keep your phone number with you! This process is called number porting. Aristotle will port your current phone numbers over to the Aristotle Phone System. Depending on your current phone provider, porting normally takes 7-10 days. However, telecommunications companies have up to 30 days to release your phone number. We will be there with you every step of the way until your number is ported.

Like most VoIP phone systems, Aristotle Phone Service requires the use of IP phones that can broadcast signal digitally over your broadband connection. Aristotle’s relationship with Yealink, an IP phone industry leader, allows you to get new phones for as low as $4.10 per month. After 24 months you own the phones, and the monthly charge goes away. We want to eliminate large upfront equipment costs, while still providing the best technology.

Aristotle Phone Service calls deliver calls with crystal clear HD Sound. This feature is unavailable with traditional landline phones. Fortigate technology ensures that every Aristotle Phone Service call comes through with HD sound.

In most cases Aristotle Phone Service will save you money on your monthly recurring telephone cost because it eliminates dual cabling for Internet broadband, and telecommunications service. Also, by eliminating the traditional PBX equipment, thousands of dollars are saved on service and maintenance of PBX equipment. Aristotle Phone is saving some clients thousands of dollars a year.

Aristotle Phone telecommunications are government regulated. Users will pay the same taxes and fees that would be incurred with traditional landline service.

Your Aristotle Phone System can be up and running in 2-4 weeks after you finalize your decision. Our team will order your phones, begin installation and schedule training once your system is designed. If you have current phone numbers which need to be ported to your new system, you should allow at least 7-10 business days for this process. However, in some cases number porting may take up to 30 days.

The Aristotle staff trains every client on the features of their Aristotle Phone System. This training is included free of charge.


Aristotle offers phone-based technical support for all Aristotle Phone Service clients. Call 501.374.2322 or 877.770.2322 toll free.

Aristotle Phone Service is truly mobile. Take your office phone to your house, or on the road with you and make calls with the same appearance as being in the office. Use your office phone anywhere you can connect to a broadband Ethernet cable. Take your office anywhere.

Download the SnapMobile App to use your smartphone, tablet or laptop like your office phone. Enjoy full access to your user portal, account settings, voicemail, plus make and receive phone calls without using your private mobile number. This technology adds another layer to the mobility of Aristotle Phone Service.


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