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A nationwide ISP and regional Fixed Wireless Internet Service Provider with headquarters in Little Rock, Arkansas, Aristotle Unified Communications works with government, private and community organizations to bring the benefits of broadband connectivity to underserved communities and rural areas.

Trusted Media Resources

Aristotle experts have been trusted media resources for technology, privacy, legal, advocacy, policy and public-use issues related to the internet and data distribution since the company was established as a leader in web technologies in 1995.

Elizabeth Bowles, Esq.

Aristotle President & CEO, Elizabeth Bowles, is an expert on the challenges to broadband deployment in unserved and underserved areas, especially rural areas. Elizabeth offers innovative and balanced ideas for bringing broadband where it is needed most. Elizabeth is also a legal expert on cyber security, internet law, and privacy.

As the current Chair of the FCC Broadband Deployment Advisory Committee (BDAC), Elizabeth has a first-hand understanding, not only of the issues, but also of the compromises possible in effecting broadband deployment. Active in policy and advocacy, Elizabeth served as the President of the fixed wireless trade association (WISPA) for 3 years as well as serving as WISPA’s Legislative Chair.

A Summa cum Laude Vanderbilt Law School Graduate, Elizabeth practiced technology and property litigation at Arnold & Porter in Washington, D.C., prior to joining Aristotle’s executive team.

Media Interviews and Speaking Engagements

Elizabeth’s expertise in legal and policy issues combine with her hands-on knowledge of internet deployment solutions to bring expert and helpful information to issues of public interest.

Contact us at the numbers below for media interviews and speaker requests. 

Bridging the social divide, smart cities, internet law, rural broadband, cyber security, national, state & local policy…

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