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Get Smart, Managed Wi-Fi with the

ArisControl App

It's Wi-Fi Unleashed!

Ready for Smart, Managed Wi-Fi? Get safe, fast, affordable Internet service that covers your whole home, small business, or even your warehouse—powered by the FREE GigaSpire BLAST U4 with Wi-Fi 6. Expand your coverage by adding more devices!

And manage it all from the palm of your hand with your smart phone and the FREE ArisControl app!

Download the Mobile App

The ArisControl mobile app lets you view all network connected devices, set up parental controls or a guest network, run speed tests and more. Access to advanced parental controls and threat protection is included with your internet service package. ArisControl puts you in charge! 

Download the ArisControl App at the Google Play or Apple Store. For help setting up your account, view our Quick Start Guide.

Enjoy Advanced Wi-Fi Features

ArisControl PLUS adds additional services to your Wi-Fi that make sense for your lifestyle:

  • ProtectIQ™ provides protection against viruses, malware, and malicious websites, keeping your network and devices safe from cyberattacks.
  • ExperienceIQ™ provides you with the tools needed to enforce the Internet rules you’ve established for your home or business. Set up profiles for your children or devices, filter content, websites, and applications, and set appropriate time limits.

ArisControl PLUS is included in our internet service packages!

Expand Coverage & Connect More Devices

When you need Wi-Fi access for a larger home, business facility, or multiple users, upgrade to the affordable GigaSpire Blast U6 to enjoy the benefits of expanded coverage.

Upgrade to a GigaSpireBlast U6 for just $8.95/month!

Explore our full line of Wi-Fi Equipmentincluding Wi-Fi extenders and more!

Why do I need Smart, Managed  Wi-Fi?

Get and stay connected the easy way! ARISTOTLE provides your worry-free solution for the ultimate Wi-Fi experience. Enjoy reliable Wi-Fi experience with none of the stress. Aristotle’s Ultimate Managed Wi-Fi gives you peace of mind with remote technical support. Put your Wi-Fi experience in the hands of the Aristotle team.

Smart, Managed Wi-Fi comes with: 
  • Installation of the system and service, connection of your devices, and optimization of your Wi-Fi network to cover your entire location.

  • remote technical support

  • Automatic Wi-Fi security updates

  • FREE Wi-Fi assessment: as part of your installation, we’ll make sure you have coverage where you need it

  • FREE Mobile App: Take control of your Wi-Fi network the easy-to-use ArisControl app

Need help setting up your Wi-Fi?

Watch our training videos to learn how to set up your Wi-Fi, test your speeds, and more! Find more helpful videos at the Aristotle YouTube channel!

Wi-Fi for Your Whole Home or Office

Upgrade to the Ultimate Wi-Fi

Ask about the exciting features and perks of Aristotle's Smart, Managed Wi-Fi!

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