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Aristotle is dedicated to providing your home or business with reliable, high speed internet access—plus expert service and technical support! Check out the many advantages of Aristotle High Speed Internet and contact us to request service at your location. 

Benefits of Aristotle Broadband


With cable or DSL, speed and bandwidth can be impeded by poor line quality or the number of users on the network. One of the greatest advantages of Aristotle Broadband is that we provide dedicated bandwidth with consistent speeds for your use. 


We provide a secure point-to-point connection over a proprietary network and military-grade AES encryption for your protection. Utilizing the latest in connectivity technology, Aristotle ensures that your connection is always secure.


Protect against accidental damage to your wireless broadband equipment with the ArisShield Equipment Protection and Service Plan. Now included with all service plans!


Enjoy residential and business class connectivity at affordable rates. Control costs while still achieving production targets that demand high speed. Aristotle’s velocity improves your overall profitability.


For home and business use, Aristotle’s High Speed Internet Connection provides adjustable upload and download speeds. Document, photo, file and data entry uploads and downloads will be much faster and easier to manage with Aristotle Fixed Wireless Broadband.


If you are opening a new location, expanding or relocating in Aristotle’s coverage area, we provide quicker Internet access than waiting weeks to install a T-1 or run labor-intensive cable or lines.


For both residential and business clients, Aristotle provides free US-based telephone technical support and on-location technical assistance by our expert broadband installation team. For businesses, our Internet and network specialists provide you with hands-on technical assistance and expert consultation for your connectivity needs, We work with your IT team to ensure a seamless transfer of services.


At Aristotle we do not limit the total amount of data you may download each month, nor do we slow down your data transmission to conserve bandwidth.


Once Aristotle’s installation team has installed your roof-top antenna and connected your household to the internet, the installer will set up a wireless router and connect any desktop computers, laptops, tablets, and smartphones.


With the ArisControl Mobile App, you can tailor your home or office internet to your family's needs or your business policies. Set up parental, content controls, create temporary or permanent guest networks, and troubleshoot your Wi-Fi connection in minutes.

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Take Control of Your Wi-Fi

Use the ArisControl Mobile App to set up content controls or a guest network, run speed tests and more! ArisControl puts you in charge—and is included in our internet service packages!

Get Started

Ready for affordable, high speed internet at your home or business? Call us today or follow the link to request service at your location! 


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