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At Aristotle, we understand the importance of maintaining your on-site broadband Internet equipment. We install only the best and most reliable equipment, but accidents can happen. With the ArisShield Equipment Protection & Service Plan, you’ll be protected against accidental damage of your broadband connectivity equipment.


No Hassles

The ArisShield Plan provides worry-free service resolution to guarantee that you can resume enjoying your Aristotle Broadband as soon as possible. Our plan is simple, it covers your router, Ethernet cabling—and it's included with our standard internet service plans!

Unexpected repairs can be costly. Service calls to repair or replace damaged equipment start at $65 plus the costs of technician labor and equipment. With the ArisShield Plan, you will eliminate extra hourly or incremental service charges for repairs covered under the plan.

Protection from Unexpected Charges

Here’s what’s covered by the ArisShield Equipment Protection & Service Plan:

  • Router Replacement in cases of mechanical failure or accidental damage – Limited to two replacements in a 12-month period
  • Hassle-free replacement and repair of defective or accidentally damaged customer Ethernet wiring.
  • PoE (Power over Ethernet) replacement in cases of mechanical failure or accidental damage.
  • No-fee service calls to replace or repair equipment covered under the ArisShield Plan (Limited to two service calls within a 12-month period)

Phone Tech Support

If you do experience a problem, contact Aristotle Tech Support, and one of our service representative will troubleshoot your problem over the phone or send out a skilled technician to identify and fix the problem. All of this coverage is included with each standard Aristotle internet service plan!

There’s no need to activate ArisShield. Once you sign up for Aristotle Internet, the plan becomes active that day!


For a low monthly cost, ArisShield provides worry-free replacement or repair of your router, Ethernet cabling, and PoE cabling in the event of damage or mechanical failure.

ArisShield is included with our standard internet service plans! Add ArisShield to an existing or legacy internet service plan for just $7.95 per month.

Any Aristotle Broadband customer can add ArisShield to their monthly plan. Contact Aristotle Customer Service to sign up!

  • Router
  • Ethernet Wiring
  • PoE cabling
  • Service calls

Contact Aristotle Tech Support, and one of our service representatives will troubleshoot your problem over the phone. (Be sure to have your equipment handy.)

If your problem cannot be resolved, a skilled technician will make a service call to identify and remedy the problem. 

Replacement is limited to two routers within a 12-month period. 

No-fee service calls are limited to two within a 12-month period. 

Need to remove ArisShield from your monthly service plan?  Contact Aristotle Customer Service to discontinue ArisShield for a savings of $7.95 per month.  

Take Control of Your Wi-Fi

Use the ArisControl Mobile App to set up content controls or a guest network, run speed tests and more! ArisControl puts you in charge—and is included in our internet service packages!

Get Started

Ready for affordable, high speed internet at your home or business? Call us today or follow the link to request service at your location! 


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