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How Does It Work?

Learn how Aristotle Fixed Wireless works and how it can benefit your home or business! We bring impressive speeds and services into rural, underserved and unserved areas.


What Is Fixed Wireless Internet?

Unlike traditional wired networks, Aristotle’s Fixed Wireless Internet brings you connectivity using radio waves. A radio receiver is installed on your roof, which communicates with a nearby antenna to deliver your internet service. 

Your computer connects through a Wi-Fi router and Ethernet ports—the same way they would if you used a wired network. These devices are connected with internal wiring to the receiver fixed on your roof. (That’s why it’s called “fixed” wireless.)

You’ll be able to use your devices anywhere within your Wi-Fi area. With our powerful Calix Wi-Fi routers, you’ll get great coverage throughout your home or business!

How Does Fixed Wireless Internet Work?

Aristotle uses a series of towers to reach unserved and underserved rural communities. 

A nearby tower brings Aristotle Broadband to your community using radio waves. 

A receiver at your location communicates with the nearby tower to deliver your internet. 

In some cases, obstructions like tall trees and buildings can block the signal from reaching your location. 

Set up smart wi-fi, content controls, guest network and more with our mobile app!

Enjoy affordable internet, video streaming, gaming and more—with Aristotle Fixed Wireless!

How Does Fixed Wireless Compare?

Aristotle Broadband delivers speeds comparable to fiber and ADSL and to places they often don’t serve! Our fixed wireless is reliable and faster than satellite internet—since our base station antenna is in your neighborhood, instead of thousands of miles away in space! 


In the past, rain and inclement weather could interfere with fixed wireless Internet, but new technology has mostly resolved these issues. Of course, extreme weather can still have an impact on service, but modern antennas can ensure a reliable connection for most weather conditions. 

Before installation we check your location to ensure a line-of-sight connection to the base station. This process isn’t any more difficult than checking for available ADSL ports or to see if fiber cable has been laid near your street. 

Because Aristotle has to install an antenna, there is a nominal set-up fee for fixed wireless. Other services can require fiber cable to be laid, and those costs can be even more expensive. Compared with other services, fixed wireless is usually far superior and worth the fee.  

Why is Aristotle Right for My Business?

Why Choose Aristotle Fixed Wireless Internet?

Aristotle Broadband goes where other providers don’t—bringing reliable high speed internet to unserved and underserved areas. We understand that you rely on high speed Internet as a necessary service for your home, farm, or business needs!

Aristotle’s Fixed Wireless network delivers super-fast download and upload speeds without the congestion that often comes with fiber services. You can take advantage of lower latency for fast and reliable data transfer. 

Get Started

Ready for affordable, high speed internet at your home or business? Call us today or follow the link to request service at your location! 


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