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What Causes Outages

What Causes Outages?

Aristotle is committed to restoring service from any outage as soon as possible. We are constantly monitoring our network and making infrastructure improvements to improve service and uptime. 
Find out what can cause an outage and how Aristotle’s field team of experts deploys to make repairs and reconnect our customers. 

Aristotle uses a series of towers to reach unserved and underserved rural communities. A nearby tower brings Aristotle Broadband to your community using radio waves. 

Outages occur when our network is damaged or loses power. Loss of power or service to an antenna can also affect "downstream" service areas, even if those areas have power. 

Outages occur when our network is damaged or loses power. The Aristotle team deploys quickly to restore service—but in some cases repairs rely on other organizations (like the power company) to respond. 
Common causes of a loss of service include:
  • Lightning or storm damage to an antenna
  • Loss of electrical power
  • Loss of service from the “upstream” DIA (Dedicated Internet Access)
  • Accidental cutting of an underground fiber cable

Loss of power or service to an antenna can also affect “downstream” service areas, even if those areas have power. Your signal could be disrupted, even if an outage is in a nearby town. 

Aristotle preps a ground crew during storms to rapidly deploy (as soon as it is safe to do so), enacting a contingency plan that can include:

  • Power Generator
  • Battery Power
  • Temporary Antennas
  • Mobile Hot Spots
With our tower climbers and team of experts, most outages are repaired within a couple of hours. Sometimes they can be fixed within minutes with a remote reset of the equipment! 

Aristotle is doing everything possible to keep our customers connected! 

As a failsafe against outages, Aristotle builds “redundancy” into our network with service areas receiving a signal from multiple towers.  Much of Aristotle’s network already has built-in redundancy, and we are currently working to add redundant circuits throughout our network. 

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Read our FAQs to troubleshoot your problem. You might be able to quickly identify and resolve an issue yourself. 
Check on a mobile device to see if you have received an outage notice from Aristotle about an issue by email or social media. Our technicians are likely already working on restoring service to you and no action is needed on your part. 
If you think Aristotle might not be aware of an outage, please contact Aristotle’s Technical Support Team. If we cannot resolve the problem over the phone, we will schedule a technician to look into the problem as soon as possible. 

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