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Secure, ReliableConnectivity

Reliability is our middle name. Affordability is, too. For business and for home, Aristotle's secure Internet access options and connectivity solutions come with free, in-house, expert tech support.

  • With secure connections and dedicated bandwidth that's only yours and always on, you can enjoy faster, safer Internet access with Aristotle Wireless High-Speed Internet at home or at work.

    We have deployed the latest in wireless Internet technology in the Central Arkansas area. We offer high-speed wireless Internet at home or business with affordable installation rates.

  • If you need dial-up, you should be with Aristotle. For home and business connectivity or as a backup service, Aristotle offers the most affordable dial-up solution on the market.

    With Aristotle, you only pay 50¢ hour — only for the time you actually spend online — making us one of the most affordable Internet access options anywhere. Why pay for Internet access you don't use? Plus, all our premium services are free of charge. No one can make it faster, but we can make it cheaper with better customer service.