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Premium Residential Dial-Up

Can’t get or don’t need high-speed access? Our sign-up fee is ridiculously low, and our premier ISP services come at no additional charge.

With Aristotle Dial-up, you pay a low one-time $2.95 set up fee and a monthly minimum of $2.00 a month (for your first 4 hours of access). Then you are charged only for the time you spend online at the low rate of just 50c an hour - metered to the second.  Plus, we cap your bill at $20 for up to 120 hours of usage a month.  If you are online over 120 hours in a month, you are charged for the additional time you spend online at the rate of just 50c an hour.

Check out our low rates and the free premier ISP services you will enjoy with Aristotle Dial-up.