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Aristotle Provides FREE Wi-Fi for Delta Heritage Trail

Aristotle Broadband is proud to provide free public Wi-Fi for the Delta Heritage Trail, Arkansas’s only linear state park. The new internet access points along the southern corridor of the State Park have been deployed at Arkansas City, Rohwer, and Watson Trailheads, providing free Wi-Fi for visitors, as well as emergency phone service to enhance cyclist and pedestrian safety. More access points are in development as the project progresses. 

To date, there are 44.4 miles of trail completed, including the 23.8 mile southern corridor. When completed, the project will span an astounding 84.5 miles as it follows the Mississippi River Levee and a repurposed locomotive rail route through the scenic Arkansas Delta. Deep within the hardwood forest, two remote rail bridges crossing the Mississippi and White Rivers are being converted for pedestrian use and will become breathtaking high points of the trail. 

In addition to Wi-Fi service, the Arkansas City Trailhead includes a rail depot styled building where visitors can enjoy amenities including bathhouse facilities, pavilion, picnic areas, water fountain, a bicycle repair station, camping, and a large charcoal grill. Learn where to access more services, including bike rental, tours, and gift shop, at the Arkansas State Parks website.

The southern corridor, where Aristotle has provided Wi-Fi access, is home to the popular Tour de Hoot Bike Ride. Cyclists and spectators will now be able to stay connected, access map and GPS data, and enjoy heightened safety due to the technological enhancements. Learn about the ride here:

Aristotle is committed to bringing Broadband connectivity to unserved and underserved communities of Central Arkansas, the Arkansas Delta, and beyond. 


The Delta Heritage Trail is an 84.5-mile bike and pedestrian trail that weaves through the Arkansas Delta Hardwood forest, miles of rich farmland and oxbow lakes. When completed, the project will connect Lexa in the north to Arkansas City in the south. The final 40 miles connecting the two completed sections are scheduled for completion in 2025 thanks to a $40 million investment split between the Walton Family Foundation and federal grant money. It is expected that the trail will create 600 jobs and add a much-needed spark to local tourism revenue. 

For more information about the Delta Heritage Trail, visit:



Aristotle Unified Communications (AUC) partners with unserved and underserved communities to deploy essential broadband services. With headquarters in Little Rock, Arkansas, AUC is currently deploying high speed internet in communities, including Central Arkansas, the Arkansas Delta, and select areas of Illinois, Mississippi, Missouri and Oklahoma.

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