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Aristotle's Response to COVID-19

In response to the COVID-19 virus, Aristotle will be following the FCC guidelines to insure that we can continue to service our existing and new subscribers with much need internet access. Please read the following Best Practices we are implementing in order to deliver the benefits of broadband while helping prevent the spread of COVID-19.



When scheduling an appointment for installation or repair, Aristotle staff will ask if anyone is or has recently been ill at your location. If so, we will schedule your appointment for a future date. Before the rescheduled site visit, we will touch in with you to make sure all occupants are well and that the date still works for you.

Once you have an appointment date set for installation or repair, we ask that you contact us if anyone at your location becomes ill – even if that occurs on the day of the scheduled appointment. Aristotle will reschedule your appointment for a later date at no extra cost to you and will check back with you weekly for a status update.


Protective Gear: To ensure the protection of our staff and subscribers, Aristotle is securing COVID-19 protective gloves, masks and outerwear for our installation teams to wear when working in the interior of a premise.

Hand Sanitizing: All Aristotle installers will carry hand sanitizers on their persons and will use the sanitizer before entering and upon leaving the subscriber’s site location.

Social Distance: We ask Aristotle subscribers to keep a space of a last 6 feet of social distance from Aristotle employees when Aristotle installers are on-site at your location.

Contract Agreement: Aristotle installers usually request that a new subscriber sign an electronic contract agreement on site upon completion of the installation process. Until further notice, Aristotle will not require signing of the agreement form but will email the form to new subscribers for their reference.

Thank you for choosing Aristotle and for your cooperation as we work to provide you with the broadband connection you need and to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

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