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Our Expanding Network

Aristotle Unified Communications uses a blended network of both fiber and fixed wireless internet. Each technology has distinct advantages. Learn how Aristotle’s dual approach delivers high speed internet to Arkansas families and businesses. 

Fast deployment to reach rural areas in need

Aristotle Fixed Wireless

At Aristotle, we don’t believe areas of Arkansas should be left waiting when internet is so crucial for business development and education. By using towers to broadcast signals across long distances, Aristotle can rapidly deploy high speed Fixed Wireless Internet to hard-to-reach rural areas—years before fiber networks arrive! 
Because underground cable is expensive to install, the cost to reach sparsely populated areas is often not justifiable to fiber companies. Without Aristotle’s fixed wireless internet, these remote areas might never receive service! 
Aristotle is excited to bring high speed internet to rural areas of Arkansas that would otherwise have no internet options available for the foreseeable future.  

Higher speeds and a more stable network

Aristotle Fiber Internet

Aristotle is in the process of expanding with Fiber Internet to upgrade areas with a more stable network and faster speeds—even during peak hours!
Fiber Internet provides higher speeds and more-reliable service, but takes much longer to build out. The Aristotle team works with government and city officials for authorization to lay cable around roads, railroad and natural barriers (like rivers). It's a complex and expensive process, but we are dedicated to bringing the advantages of fiber to our customers as quickly as possible! 
Our Aristotle customers want the stability and speed that Fiber Internet brings—and we are listening!

Aristotle is an Arkansas business committed to overcoming the many challenges to bring our customers the best internet possible.  
Learn more in our FAQs or by visiting our How It Works page. 

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