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Lifeline Consent Agreement

Please complete the form below to allow the Lifeline discount to be applied to your Aristotle internet or phone service account. 

NOTE: This form is NOT an application for the Lifeline benefit. Learn about qualifications and apply for the benefit at:

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Lifeline Program Consent Agreement

  • Lifeline is a federal program that offers a monthly benefit of up to $9.25 towards phone or internet services for eligible subscribers (and up to $34.25 for those living on Tribal lands).
  • Only one Lifeline service is available per “household”.
  • For the purposes of Lifeline, a household is defined as any individual or group of individuals who live together at the same address and share income and expenses
  • A household is not permitted to receive Lifeline benefits from multiple internet or phone providers.
  • Lifeline subscribers may not transfer their benefits to any other person.
  • Violation of the one-per-household limitation constitutes a violation of the Commission's rules and will result in a subscriber's de-enrollment from the program.
By clicking the buttons next to each of the following statements below, I indicate my acknowledgement of them individually and under penalty of perjury:

Helpful Links

Aristotle & Lifeline Discounts – Visit Aristotle's webpage about the Lifeline Program. – Learn more about the Lifeline Program at the official government website.

Lifeline Application – Find out if you qualify and apply for the Lifeline Program at the official government website. – Email the official government program with questions about the Lifeline Program—or reach out by phone at: (800) 234-9473 (toll-free)

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