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ACP Discount Ends April 2024

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has announced that full funding for the Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP) will end after April 2024.
This means that Aristotle customers enrolled in ACP will not receive the $30 discount on their bill after April of 2024.
We at Aristotle are deeply troubled by this announcement, knowing that the end of this historic program puts nearly 23 million households at risk of losing high-speed internet access — including a number of our own valued customers! Those customers may change service providers or opt-out of continuing with Aristotle service after the end of the ACP, without penalty. 

Aristotle is actively looking for ways to minimize the negative impact on our customers. To lessen the impact of the ACP shut-down, we recommend that you try to apply for Lifeline.



Lifeline is a similar federal program to ACP, and it provides $9.25 credit for high-speed internet to households that qualify. If you are eligible for Lifeline, you will be able to keep that credit even after the ACP credit ends.  Learn more and apply for Lifeline!.


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