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Aristotle to Provide $10 Recurring Credit for ACP Customers

We at Aristotle are deeply troubled by the government shutdown of the Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP), which officially ended in April 2024. 
To lessen the impact of this loss, Aristotle will give a $10.00 discount on internet services to continue assistance to customers previously enrolled in ACP through Aristotle. If you are an Aristotle ACP customer, you will see a new $10 Aristotle ACP Credit replacing the ACP Discount Credit on your May 15 bill.
Aristotle will continue to fight for the reinstatement of ACP. We are committed to providing internet service to those who need it, and we hope that this $10 credit will help with your needs for affordable internet. 

If you are an Aristotle ACP customer, we highly encourage you to maximize your benefit by applying for the Lifeline discount. 


If you are a former ACP customer—or need assistance paying for internet—you can apply for Lifeline for a $9.25 credit on your internet bill! 

1) Apply Online 
As a former ACP Customer, you are also likely eligible for Lifeline. Apply for Lifeline below: 
2) Complete the Consent Form 
Even if you qualify for Lifeline, Aristotle still needs your consent to apply the discount to your bill. Please submit the Aristotle Consent Form here:  
3) Call Aristotle to Enroll 
As soon as your application for Lifeline has been approved, please contact our Customer Support Team with the following information so we can enroll you in the program and apply the discount to your Aristotle account.  
Be sure to have this information on hand before you call Aristotle: 
  • Full Name (as listed on your Lifeline application) 
  • Date of Birth 
  • Phone Number (as listed on your Lifeline application) 
  • Full Residential Address (as listed on your Lifeline application) 
  • Whether this address is permanent or temporary 
  • Full Billing Address (if different from residence) 
  • Lifeline Application ID Number (12 alphanumeric characters broken by a dash) 
  • Last 4-digits of your Social Security Number (or your Tribal ID number, if applicable) NOTE: Please do not send your complete SSN. 


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